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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kmart Doubles 8/30-9/5: The Last Hurrah!

I just got word that Kmart is having what may be the last double coupon event next week (8/30-9/5)
Both the Newport store and the Erlanger store are participating. I'm not sure about any other local stores.

"My Frugal Adventures" has posted an awesome list of coupon match-ups and the "Rules".

Many "Free or Cheap" items. 

 It's time to stockpile!

If you are a serious couponer, check this out
Kmart Doubles 8/30-9/5: The Last Hurrah!


Also Walgreens and CVS are having very good sales this week.  I will try to post the lists for them later.



Together We Save said...

Just found you thru your vocal point post. I wish the Kmarts in our area did the couple coupon thing.

nkygrammy said...

Together we save,

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, it's great when Kmart does it, but there's LOTS of rules.

I hope to post at the end of the week just how much I saved.

Be Blessed,