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Monday, May 18, 2009


I was just sitting here, on this beautiful (but chilly) Monday morning, pondering last weekend.

On Friday, I blogged about "MY LIST OF MONEY MAKING MAKING LISTS" in which I gave a "How-To" lesson in how my "LISTS" help me stay organized and make my "MONEY SAVING JOB" easier and faster.

Then Saturday morning started with a call from one of my daughters asking me if I could watch her three little ones while she did some shopping. "I need to go, too.", says I. "Why don't we "double team" them and go together?", says she. "Sounds like a plan", says I..... and away we go.

When you mix 3 small girlies (AKA Granddaughters), ages 7, 5, and 2 1/2 (and potty-training), to 5 different stores for about 6 hours....Things "DON'T ALWAYS GO QUITE AS PLANNED"

I forgot to mention that I also had to clean the bathrooms at my church...So..the plan was that my daughter would take my Walmart list with her a do Walmart for both of us while I took the girlies and some crayons and coloring books to church and did the bathrooms.

Speaking of bathrooms.......Do you know how many trips 3 little girlies can make to the "potty" in one day? Of course, carefully covering the seat with paper each and every time...(even at church after Grammy had just cleaned and disinfected the seat) because Mommy says they should...which is really a good rule. Rules are good. I like rules.

Also, on the subject of bathrooms......Do you know how long it can take a 7 year old perfectionist to get the paper "just right" on the seat?

We actually had a good trip---of course it was Saturday and a lot of things on my list were gone (especially the FREE things)

Here's my Savings Report:

1.I met another daughter at Logos Book Store(with the 3 girlies) to pick out a gift for a baby dedication: No big savings here but I stayed within the budget.

2.Walmart: My list was all Free items--I got 4 Buddy Bars (baby Soap)- FREE--they were out of the other items

3.Walgreens: All the FREE stuf was gone--I got ONE FREE toothbrush and some cheap Pepsi for my husband's lunch.

4.Meijer: Just went for the deals-I don't usually do Meijer (Another story for another day) I got--
10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $.80 each,
10 gallons of milk for $1.75 each (gotta have some milk for all that cereal),
3 jars of Miracle Whip- FREE (this was a big deal for me--my family won't eat any other brand),
2 packs of Nestles cookie dough for $.45 each,
and 2 loaves Aunt Millie's bread for $.49 each.
I saved @ 70%

5. Kroger: By now I was glad that I know Kroger so well and had my store "map", because Grammy was slowing down.
I did my "NEED" list here so I only saved @40%
(once you save over 50%, it's hard to settle for less)

With way more help than anyone could need or want, more trips to the "potty" than I could count, misplaced lists and coupons, and fighting frustration at missing "FREEBIES", we survived the day.

Not too bad for three tiny "helpers", one very patient Mama, and one VERY tired Grammy.

You know, things usually look pretty good on paper (like my MONEY SAVING LIST)but remember...Some days, things JUST DON'T GO AS PLANNED


Friday, May 15, 2009


In my struggle to stay organized, I always have at least one list handy. This habit comes in handy to save BIG TIME at the grocery, drug store, and other stores.
I have always used coupons, but I have been couponing seriously for about a year now. I have the following lists that help me with that:

1. MY KITCHEN INVENTORY LIST (A list of everything I might buy on a regular basis sorted by where it is kept...Pantry,Frig,Freezer,Laundry,Bathroom, etc.) It wasn't that hard to make it up..I just walked around writing things down.

2. MY "NEED" LIST (I try to jot things down as I run out of them and keep it on the frig...I hope I'm not the only one who is forgetful about this one)

3. MY "DEALS" LIST FROM MY BLOGGING FRIENDS AKA MY BLOG ROLL (I visit several of the blogs listed to the right and copy and paste any deals the sound good to me on a page, then I print it out or just jot them down.)

4. MY WEEKLY MENU LIST (This is not "written in stone" or even followed some weeks--I try to make it based on what's already on hand and just add ingredients that I need----my current trip will be for things that are on sale to stockpile for future meals---this way I can make the menu up ahead of time, before the store sale ad comes out.)

5. MY STORE "MAPS" ( This a list of everything that is in each aisle, sorted by aisles, at my favorite stores.)
Time spent making my "store maps"--about 1 hour at each store;
Time spent typing them up neatly--since my typing is bad and my spelling is worse--a little longer than making them ;);
Time and money saved when I'm shopping-- PRICELESS!!!

Now that I have my handy-dandy lists made, it's time to go to work!

1.I lay out all my lists and the sale flyer for the store I'm going to.
2.I use the "inventory" list to help me with the "need" list (because I sometimes forget to write things down...hummm..,
3.I check my "menu" list for items to add to my "need" list.
Now the fun really starts....really..
4.I make my "store" list (the one I take to the store) by using my store "map". I "mentally" go down each aisle, adding things from my "deals" list and my "need" list to my "store" list as I come to them and cross them off the other list.
5.I gather my coupons that I will use and next to each item on my "store" list, I make a note if there's a coupon and it's value.
(I will share lots more on couponing in future posts)
6.I head to the store, with my "store" list, my coupon binder (just in case), some envelopes (to put the coupons in as I get the items in my list, and my money (only what is in the "budget envelope" for that store)
7.I come home and put ALL my wonderful deals away and count up my savings.(I try to save 50% at the grocery and about 80% at the drug and discount stores)

I spend an average of 3-4 hours each week reading couponing blogs, gathering and clipping coupons, making lists, shopping, and putting things away. (I spend more time at home than the average person, but much less time at the store.)

I save an average of $120.00 a week on groceries, toiletries, and household products. THAT'S $30-$40 AN HOUR (Not bad for a Grammy;))



Thursday, May 14, 2009

MOTHER'S DAY..... a few days late!

I missed posting for MOTHER'S DAY Which is just about my favorite holiday!!

But EVERY day should be MOTHER'S DAY, Right?
Can I get a witness?

I thought I would share some special MOTHER'S "MONTH" things for the rest of MAY...



ALL ABOUT ME... Well, maybe not All... but at least Some, about me.


Well, I’m finally back!!! After a year. It’s me …the old “LIST MAKING GRAMMY”.

I started this blog last year and promised to share my “LIST MAKING SKILLS” with you. Sorry, somehow I got sidetracked, by LIFE, I guess…
“Things didn’t go quite as planned” (I need to add this phrase to the --‘THINGS I SAY A LOT’ LIST).

To share a little about me--I am a Grammy (to 12 grandkids!!), hence the name of my blog, and a Mom (that’s how I got the grandkids), and a wife (that’s how I got the kids),
So I consider myself an expert on many subjects. Some of this wisdom I will be sharing with you.

One of my goals in life is being organized, (I will pause while those nearest and dearest to me compose themselves from uncontrollable laughter at that statement...) and I’m hoping that this blog will help me do that and maybe share a little wisdom with others while I’m at it.
My sharing will come from a biblical perspective; because, before I’m a Grammy or a Mom or a wife.. I’m a servant of the Most High God and I thank Him every day that He loved me enough to send His Son, Jesus to die in my place.

OK, now that I've decided to share all my wisdom with you, I probably should make a disclaimer....or two....

First, while it isn't Impossible, ... It is "Hard to teach an old dog new tricks". The 'old dog' would be me and the 'new tricks' would be blogging and the Internet in general, not to mention the computer... So bear with me as I learn and hopefully this blog will improve with age.

Second, I'm not an expert on Everything, but I Do know a little bit about a lot of stuf' and a lot about little bit of stuf'. The rest we will learn together.

Anytime you want to comment on my posts, I would consider it an honor so don't hesitate!