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Thursday, May 14, 2009

ALL ABOUT ME... Well, maybe not All... but at least Some, about me.


Well, I’m finally back!!! After a year. It’s me …the old “LIST MAKING GRAMMY”.

I started this blog last year and promised to share my “LIST MAKING SKILLS” with you. Sorry, somehow I got sidetracked, by LIFE, I guess…
“Things didn’t go quite as planned” (I need to add this phrase to the --‘THINGS I SAY A LOT’ LIST).

To share a little about me--I am a Grammy (to 12 grandkids!!), hence the name of my blog, and a Mom (that’s how I got the grandkids), and a wife (that’s how I got the kids),
So I consider myself an expert on many subjects. Some of this wisdom I will be sharing with you.

One of my goals in life is being organized, (I will pause while those nearest and dearest to me compose themselves from uncontrollable laughter at that statement...) and I’m hoping that this blog will help me do that and maybe share a little wisdom with others while I’m at it.
My sharing will come from a biblical perspective; because, before I’m a Grammy or a Mom or a wife.. I’m a servant of the Most High God and I thank Him every day that He loved me enough to send His Son, Jesus to die in my place.

OK, now that I've decided to share all my wisdom with you, I probably should make a disclaimer....or two....

First, while it isn't Impossible, ... It is "Hard to teach an old dog new tricks". The 'old dog' would be me and the 'new tricks' would be blogging and the Internet in general, not to mention the computer... So bear with me as I learn and hopefully this blog will improve with age.

Second, I'm not an expert on Everything, but I Do know a little bit about a lot of stuf' and a lot about little bit of stuf'. The rest we will learn together.

Anytime you want to comment on my posts, I would consider it an honor so don't hesitate!



Kelli said...

I hate to admit it, but I laughed out loud when you paused to let those who know you so well to compose themselves. I'm so excited you've started blog again!! I've bookmarked your site :).

And yes, your family is gorgeous!!!

Love, Kelli

nkygrammy said...

Laugh, I knew you would.
Beautiful, I know they are.
(I have grandkids that speak fluent Yoda-ese and I'm starting to pick it up--it's easier than Romanian, which I'm still working on)
Thanks, btw, for making the first comment on my blog.