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Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a picture of my Mom. Isn't she beautiful?

I posted this back in August of last year because my Mom was born and died in August. 
I'm posting it today because I'm thinking a lot about  past Mother's Days....
and because I really miss her today.

She was a very strong woman!

She was married to the same man for 56 years.
She raised 5 children (4 of them boys!)
She worked outside the home for much of her life.
1942: While she was pregnant with her 3rd child, she lost her Mom, Dad, brother, a niece and nephew in a horrible house fire. Six weeks later, her sister died with TB, and of course that was the year war broke out.
1992: my Dad died . Two months later my oldest brother died. (He was buried on her birthday)
1996: my 3rd brother died. Three months later, my nephew died.
 Within 5 years she lost these ones I mentioned plus several other family members that were very close to her.
And during that time, she was diagnosed with lung cancer)

 Even though she had a lot of tragedy in her life, she was fun to be with, she laughed a lot, she was the life of every party, and she never met a stranger.
Some people tell me I’m a lot like my Mom. I consider that a compliment and an honor.

Today I will honor her memory by sharing this poem I wrote for her many years ago.


When I was just a little kid,
Back in the "olden" days,
I did the things a little kid does,
Played games that a little kid plays.

I remember one thing that you let me do,
That sticks the most in my mind,
Was making "MUD PIES" (and making a mess),
With "pie pans" that you'd help me find.

You'd look 'round in that big ol' kitchen,
Take jar lids and stuf' off the shelf,
And send me out in the back yard,
To make a mess of it and myself.

And now that I'm grown, with kids of my own,
It's now that I realize,
It's not just MUD, but PATIENCE and LOVE,
That go into making MUD PIES.

There's many things I could thank you for,
I wouldn't know just where to start.
But somehow it's always those MUD PIES,
That stick in my mind and my heart.
You took care of all the big things,
But somehow you must have known,
It's not the big, but the little things,
That make a house a home.

And now when I'm weary of doing,
All the things that a Mom must do,
I take time to think of those MUD PIES,
And I thank God for a Mom like you.

And now that I'm grown, with kids of my own,
It's now that I realize,
And say "thanks for all the PATIENCE and LOVE,"



ilovemy5kids said...

What a testimony! I am glad I got to meet her!

Wish I could share on the tomato harvest!

Have an awesome day!

nkygrammy said...

Thanks! She was a special lady.

Just "come on over" to my house and you guys can pick all the tomatoes you want!!

Kiss everyone for me. (I mean your hubby and kids----not really EVERYONE)

You have an awesome day, as well!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful tribute! I LOVE this picture of her. It looks like you and dad perfectly combined ;-)!

Nikki said...

WOW! Didn't realize how much you look like her.

nkygrammy said...

Nikki and Kelli,

I thank you for the complement (that I look like Grandma Lillie), but I always thought I looked more like Grandpa Chester.

Thanks again!