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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I came across this list I made a while back on Facebook...It was written with people that know me pretty well in mind, but since it took me a really long time to put it together, I didn't want it to go to waste..so..

I thought I would share it with you...

1. I LOVE lists; so doing this is right up my alley.......
(everyone that knows me probably already knows that)
2. I LOVE my family…..
(everyone that knows me probably already knows that)
3. I LOVE my husband, Bill. We have been married for 43 years. (Sept. 17, 1966)
3. We have 4 children….
(everyone that knows me probably already knows that)
4. We have 13 grandchildren; 12 here and 1 in heaven….
(you might not have known that)
5. I was the baby of my family, with 4 older brothers; 2 here and 2 in heaven….however, I was NOT spoiled, honest!....well, not by my brothers…I WAS kind of a “Daddy‘s Girl“ though.
6. My family went to Virginia Beach and Washington D.C. when I was 3 years old…
7. One of my best memories of my childhood was laughing at the dinner table.
8. I always liked (and loved) my parents, even when I was a teenager. (I was very un-cool)
I thought I had the smartest Dad and the prettiest Mom in the world (my opinion hasn’t changed)
9. I LOVE music…my favorite is Southern Gospel, but I like it all.
10. My family was, and is, very musical. (My family I came from, my family I married into, my kids and grandkids!)
11. I was in the band and chorus in school….(if you didn’t know that, you probably guessed by now)
 I played the clarinet for 2 years, then switched to French Horn……
(I know, It doesn’t make sense to me either.)
12. I have been a hairdresser for 44 years and I have a “beauty shop” in my laundry room.

( This is harder than I thought, especially trying to think of things about me that everyone that knows me doesn’t already know.... I‘m kind-of boring.)

13. I was kind-of a nerd in school. I never got in trouble and was the “teachers pet” a lot.
 That could have something to do with being a “people pleaser” now.
14. I play the piano a little, (and don’t forget the clarinet and French Horn) but, if I could learn to play any instrument really well, it would be the BANJO, yep, that's right, the BANJO.
15. My newest passion is couponing. I can’t believe how much money I save. It is so much fun!!!
16. I have OFFICALLY started a BLOG. It’s here- http://avisitwithgrammy.blogspot.com/
It’s about “Saving and Giving, Life and Living”
(and making lists….did I mention that I LOVE making lists… )
17. I LOVE puzzles and games….Jig saw puzzles, Crossword puzzles, any kind of board game, I love a challenge.
18. My favorite movies are the typical “chick flicks” and mysteries. I also like kids movies…this is good since I love to make some popcorn and watch a movie with my grandkids.
19. I have lived in Campbell County,KY.  (in only 6 different houses) my whole life, except for 2 years when we lived in Coronado, California when Bill was in the Navy.
20. I like to camp…especially with my family and friends
(of course, these days camping means "backin' in and hookin' up" )
21. My favorite books (besides the Bible, of course) are the “Left Behind” series, Anything by Frank Pereti, and Anything by Barbara Johnson.
22. I LOVE to be in the presence of other Christians, for worship or fellowship..
23. I have been a member of only two churches in my life.
24. I collect angles, especially Dreamsicles. I also collect roosters (in my kitchen)….
This is because they remind me that God’s Mercies are “NEW EVERY MORNING”
25. I am a Grammy (to 12 grandkids), and a Mom (that’s how I got the grandkids), and a wife (that’s how I got the kids) but, before I’m a Grammy or a Mom or a wife.. I’m a servant of the Most High God and I thank Him every day that He loved me enough to send His Son, Jesus to die in my place.

I used the word LOVE here a lot but, of course you all know that I really mean "LIKE EXTREEMLY", except when it applies to my family and friends and my Lord!!!

I hope you enjoyed know a little more about me.



ilovemy5kids said...

I think I knew everything...except the banjo.

Glad you can mark this off your "list".

Have a sweet day!


nkygrammy said...

Making that list was pretty hard. I never realized how boring I was.

...and Yes, I've always wanted to play the banjo!!!

Thanks for commenting.


Kelli said...

I love (like extremely) this list! I didn't know that you played clarinet before you switched to French Horn too. Now I know where dad got the idea from :-).

My favorite thing is #25!

Love you, K

nkygrammy said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'm surprised that there was anything that everyone didn't know about me.

I LOVE your last post :)